This page gives you access to the recording of Carolyn Evers bringing forth Jeshua and his explanation of the energies coming to us with the July 22nd Solar Eclipse.

To download it, right click here and choose "Save Target As..." or similar to save it. This is a telephone recording, which I will update when I have the directly recorded version.

It is an mp3 file, so you can listen to it on your PC, download it to your iPod or other mp3 player and if you have a recent CD player that plays mp3 files, burn it to a CD and listen to it there.

To download the transcription of this message, click here.

To gain a sense of the unfolding of the energies leading up to 2012, especially since 1987, click here;

and to go to the heart of what will unfold at the end of 2012, read and listen to Carolyn's vision from November 2008.

Dr. Richard Presser