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I am about to share with you a profound channelling. It has to do with the unfolding of an event which may or may not already be in your awareness. This event is widely known as Ascension. Ascension involves a transition in consciousness for the inhabitants of planet Earth and the planet itself.
For many of you, this will come as a surprise. For others, it is a term with which you are familiar; however what it means may be a little unclear. For others, you may have a clear view of what you believe it means, however most of us have been subject to a lot of disinformation about it and, frankly, the specifics have not been available to fully understand – until now.
There have been many messages from many places about Ascension. What is different about this one is that it is directly associated with a crop circle pattern that was laid down on July 22, 2008 at Avebury Manor in England.  

crop circle

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Those who have analysed this pattern have realised it is telling us something about December 2012, the time of the ending of the Mayan Calendar, including the arrival of a comet that, according to the crop circle site, our astronomers are as yet unaware of.
For some of you, the idea that crop circles are not manmade and carry messages for humanity will come as a surprise. If so, I suggest you browse and see for yourself the extraordinary patterns that are being laid down. You will quickly realise these patterns are not, for the most part, manmade and if you want to examine these phenomena in more detail, I highly recommend Star Dreams .
How come these extraordinary messages receive no mainstream publicity? I’ll leave you to reflect on that question as a thread by which you may begin to pull your perceived reality apart.
If you are unfamiliar with the ending of the long cycle Mayan Calendar in December 2012, I suggest you do a little research on the Internet via Google to fill in the blanks, so to speak.
The arrival of comets has a deep sub-conscious pull for mankind as they have been seen and understood over the millennia as messengers alerting us to great change. And so it is with this one.

And now, to the channelling.
We have the explanation that Lord Metatron was going to provide to us in relation to the Crop Circle. The comet coming in relation to, around the time of, Jeshua’s birth.

I am being directed to Galactic Centre.
And of course looking at our galaxy, not from the inside but from the exterior, I see a bulge, which looks like a line going through it.   They wanted to show me that first. And then they’re taking me inside.  I am standing there in the black hole which is right outside of Galactic Centre. And in 2012 there’s all this energy being fed into Galactic Centre through the black hole.  I’m tracing where it’s coming from. There’s a whole string.  Energy is like being… it’s coming from a constellation of stars. I don’t know how far it is - in another dimension.
It is other life that is held in black matter.  We’ve talked about this, the yin and the yang, the plus and the minus. So black matter is life just like us except it is the opposite electrical field.
And so this energy is coming from a very advanced constellation. Actually it’s three constellations set up in the pattern that we are familiar with - the triangle. And it is the cycle. They’re sending the energy through this black hole into Galactic Centre. 2012, December - the date that that energy comes through the black hole is not the same date that the child will be born. Even though it might seem that it should be instantaneous it is not.  There is a lag period from the time that it comes through the black hole.  No.  It is not that. From the time that it is discharged from this triangular configuration and then moves through the black hole and then into Galactic Centre. And it is that energy that comes through in December that transforms Earth. Not only Earth but it imprints our entire solar system. And so all the planets are sharing in this energy pattern. The other planets in our solar system, they imprint this energy also. Of course the energy comes through the sun.
I’m seeing the 28th. The child to be born on the 28th.
Energy comes through the sun and joins that moment. It will repeat what happened earlier when the solar wind stopped (1999) The electrons that are the solar wind will stop.  It will stop for three days, as that energy which came through the black hole imprints Earth. And of course it will imprint all of the other planets. The planets, each of them imprinting in some fashion their energy. Because each planet has a different energy, you know, and a different purpose. And during those three days this energy will completely alter the particles on Earth. They will be transformed. It will be like an explosion into every particle on Earth, and human beings even, where the electrons will have more space in between them. The planet will be re-patterned.
And there will be many who will not be able to withstand the change in the energy pattern because they have done no preparation. And if their bodies have not been cleared and they are filled with, as you call it, stuck energy from the past, they will perish during those three days. It’s not a punishment mind you. It’s just that they will not - the physical - will not be able to be supported with the change in the energy.  Just because this energy has come does not mean that every soul who is here on this planet will survive.
They all have the opportunity to ascend.
But those who have not worked on this process will not survive the pressure against the physical.  The changing in the cells will be too much for them.  Those who have prepared or have been attempting to prepare will have cells that are crystalline.  Those who have not prepared at all, their cells will be carbon based and they will not be able to survive under this (he is showing me this great pressure that will be exerted upon it) great pressure. They will die from it.
And those who are of the dark, who have no intention of moving towards the light, will not be able to exist in these energies either.
And so the good news is everyone has the opportunity to ascend. And the good news is those who perish will reincarnate in another place where the energies will be similar.
This is the justice of the moment, in a sense. Those who have worked will receive their reward. Those who have not will receive also what they didn’t give. Each will have their own result.
And so what the crop circle is telling you is that this great change has to do with Galactic Centre. The energy comes through because of all the alignments.  It is simply the alignments that allow the energy to come in on a straight line to come to Earth. It is like a lock, where you need a key to unlock the lock. And that is what 2012 is.  This giant clockwork in the cosmos has lined up in a certain fashion for the energy to come through. And as this process unfolds, and as in so many things in life, humanity has always been warned.
Warnings are not always dire things. Warnings can sometimes be an announcement of the most profound, of the most powerful and yet of the most sublime. And this is what this child is. Powerful and sublime.
Isn’t that not what love is actually? The most powerful? The most sublime?
The little child, the little child, one day, they say was born in Bethlehem so long ago. This little child will not be born in Bethlehem.  But this little child will come in 2012 and the comet will proclaim his coming.  So you might say, in essence, this is his comet.  And those who watch the sky will remember that it was once called the Star of Bethlehem but since this child will not be born in Bethlehem then there is this comet announcing his birth. 
Channelled by Carolyn Evers
You may listen to the channelling at:     
I encourage you to do so, as you will experience the energy and the unfolding of this wondrous message.
As I said at the beginning, this is a profound channelling. It tells of an event which will transform consciousness on this planet as we have known it. It tells of the coming forth on Earth of an aspect of that great soul that sent forth the one we know as Jeshua or Jesus, the first soul created after the seraphim and cherubim, the one known throughout the cosmos as “The Radiant One” because of his great light. His birth will trigger the Ascension process on planet Earth.
Please be clear, this not something to fear. Know that you chose to be present on the planet at this time to participate in this event, even if you may currently have no conscious awareness of it.
I encourage you to visit the crop circle website at and see for yourself what the analysts have come up with about this crop circle. It correlates powerfully with this channelling. It is a tangible, real world pointer to what is unfolding. In fact, I suggest you begin with as this shows the first part of this pattern as it was laid down in two stages, the first on July 15th 2008, the second a week later on July 22nd. On the 22nd, the second pattern was added and the comet added to the first. The straight bands that have appeared through the first I understand are the handiwork of the farmer.

Get clear about the truth of this for yourself. You owe it to yourself to do so.

So how do I go forward?
As I said earlier, the concept of Ascension may be a complete shock to you. If you have no connection with spirituality or metaphysics today, if you have your views of who Jesus/Jeshua was and who and what we are shaped by religion, if you have grown up with the version of the scientific paradigm that has been fed to us, as I did, which focuses us on looking at the external world for understanding your reality, or if the whole concept of channelling is foreign to you, my e-book “The Coming Golden Age and How to Prepare for it” – – may be a good place for you to start as it begins with what modern science is telling us about the nature of our reality and goes from there.
Materials are coming into place to explain and support this unfolding. The detail behind this message can be found in “The Soul Journey of Jeshua” series – . Who was the one we know as Jeshua or Jesus really? Why did he come? Did he plan to be crucified? Did he die on the cross? Who supported him? What has his life and his children with Mary Magdalene got to do with Ascension (yes, they were married and had children)? What role does the legacy of their children’s DNA leave humanity? And much, much more. This material shatters the deception sold to us by the church about this man and his life.

There is free guidance and support coming forth in the Metatron Minutes newsletters –  and a range of articles and protocols can be found at This will continue to expand, so I encourage you to return to it regularly.
Additionally, the material being channelled from Steve Fossett in a series of e-books – – provides further explanation and understanding at the detailed level of what this transition means. It is some of the material coming forth in these e-books, which exposes the dark plans of the US military and others that the faked crash site recently discovered was set up to discredit. It will not be long before the truth of this comes forth. The energies currently flowing to the planet will simply not allow it to remain hidden. All truths are being revealed and this channelling is an example.
These are powerful, powerful times. As I said earlier, the message above is not one to be feared. Rather, it is one to be understood and embraced. It is a call to action. We all have some four years, give or take a few days, to prepare. This is more than ample if you wish to embrace this opportunity.
Simply set your Intention to participate in this wondrous unfolding and be willing to face your fears and doubts. Be willing to ask why certain events happen to you. Stand as the creator of your own life, your own reality, as you are that. There are no victims. Be prepared to stand as a Sovereign being and bring all you need to be ready to you – and it will be so.
What I have just written will come as a shock to many of you. The idea that we are responsible for everything that unfolds in our lives is a concept that many struggle to hold. It is so far from the picture of reality that is fed to us. When you stand in this place, you will be amazed at the understanding that flows forth. This stand, however, is the last thing some on this planet wish us to take.
We have all lived countless lifetimes on Earth and in doing so have accumulated patterns of unresolved energy; energy resulting from traumas and other issues occurring earlier in this life and also in past lives. When a trauma is repeated over three or more lifetimes, this forms a pattern that you will likely need help to clear. There are many gifted energy workers ready, willing and able to assist you with this. This is the stuck energy referred to in the channelling. These subconscious patterns are major dictators of what is showing up in your current life. That’s how it works.
In order to give you guidance on how to approach this clearing process, an article will be posted on the Articles page at shortly. I expect it will be in place by early December, 2008.

Heed this warning
So I encourage you to heed this warning and begin to prepare. There will be others more powerful than this one. I speak of one in my e-book. No-one on the planet will be able to say they were not warned. That is the way of spirit.
I encourage you to embrace the tools, the knowledge and the protocols coming forth on  to support you in what are and will continue to be unsettling times. Unsettling they may be, however you can choose to witness them and allow them to swirl around you without touching you. Difficult times do not need to be difficult for you. We are all much greater, more powerful beings than we take ourselves to be. Now is the time to begin to understand and embrace this.
Some of you reading this will already have been caught up in the financial unwinding occurring, or are struggling financially for other reasons.  Know that it is part of the unfolding of Ascension (see the article on the website above from Lord Metatron on this subject). Strange though this may sound to many of you, you do not have to participate in this chaos. You do not need to suffer.
In order to help those struggling with abundance issues in their lives, we are offering a series of free conference calls on this to provide the understanding and skills to master it. If this applies to you, I suggest you go to and register.
And so it is.
Blessings, joy, love and peace.
Dr. Richard Presser
November 27, 2008
Again, please share this message as widely as possible so as many as possible can begin to prepare. Or point them to, or the pdf version at

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